Balance Power Tracker

Balance Power Tracker

Client Version: 5.0.4


BalancePowerTracker is an addon designed to provide a highly configurable bar to track Lunar/Solar energy, Eclipse direction and Peak buff.
It also can fire wanrnings when you gain Peak and provides energy prediction.
It’s focused on using the CPU strictly necessary and no more.

Predicted energy
Predicted energy analizes your current cast/GCD and adds its cast time to your current energy, so BPT predicts where your energy is going to be, and if you are going to proc any Peak or not. 
Unlike former versions, calculating predicted energy is now more difficult (due to fast switch when near 0 and lag), so it’s done by approximation. This means that prediction accuracy is no longer 100% (near 100 and -100 is pretty much completely accurate and near 0 you can get +2/-2, usually +1/-1 averaged)
You can configure the indicators (bar,text,icons,arrow) of the mod to either display predicted or real info.
Also, you can configure the alerts to fire when you are going to get a Peak.
(Author’s note: I feel Predicted Energy is the heart of BPT, I think without this option I wouldn’t have made this addon, also it has taken up most of the time invested in the addon, however, I understand people value the choice to turn this off. At least, give it a try!)
WARNING: Euphoria is untested and Astral Communion error margin is higher

Provides LibSharedMedia, Masque & MikSBT support:

  • LibSharedMedia: Bar textures, alert sounds, fonts
  • Masque: Eclipse icons skin
  • MikSBT: Fire alerts through MikSBT

Can I disable it out of combat? 

  • You can’t disable it out of combat, but you can turn the Alpha Out Of Combar to 0, so it won’t bother you (CPU load out of combat is pretty much 0).

The energy seems a little erratic…? 

  • Predicted energy & peak are enabled by default, with this enabled, the mod will add the energy of you current cast to the bar, if you only want to change the size & position of the energy bar, I suggest you to uncheck this option.

Is there any way to have the awesome Blizzard art? 

  • Enable default art module, you’ll get a bar like Blizzard’s with some options (not nearly as many as with the Eclipse bar module).

Green bar: 

  • BPT is unable to access the bar/border texture, check if you have uninstalled it.

How do I configure it? 

  • Type /bpt, in the tab “addons” you will find all the options for BPT.

Castbar mode …? 

  • When casting a spell, the Eclipse bar will turn in a sort of castbar, still showing the arrow and the energy text. Just have this in mind: this isn’t a castbar mod, so it shouldn’t replace it, but this option reduces the places you need to have your eyes on (you need to have the spark enabled).