Bad Pet

Bad Pet

Client Version: 5.0.4


BadPet watches the combat log during instances and raids and detects hunter and warlock pets that are taunting (growl, suffering, seethe). Use it to help resolve arguments between tanks and dps (your pet is taunting! no it’s not!) and work around this annoying aspect of group play that Blizzard still hasn’t addressed after more than a decade. There’s even a ‘Fixer’ module for pet owners that will configure their pet to do the right thing! Add it to your attack macro and your pet will never embarrass you again.

BadPet is pretty configurable, but by default it will whisper the pet’s owner the first time it growls per combat period. You can also configure BadPet to keep reports private to you, sent as a whisper to the pet’s owner, or report to to group chat.

BadPet: Sylvanas’s pet, Spider, used [Growl] on Gamon.

Please remember to be courteous and helpful to players whose pets are taunting, many new players don’t know how to turn their pet abilities on and off, and many older players just forget occasionally.

There are lots of options which you can access from the addons configuration menu (Interface > Addons > BadPet). From this menu you can add additional spells to track, or ignore spells you don’t want to track. You can also configure BadPet using slash commands:

  • /bp – show help


  • /bp enable – enable taunt tracking
  • /bp disable – disable taunt tracking
  • /bp status – show current reporting options
  • /bp private – only report taunts to me
  • /bp whisper – report taunts via whisper to the pet’s owner
  • /bp party – report taunts to the current group channel
  • /bp test – make sure it’s working!

Pet Owners
If you’re a pet owner, get a DataBroker bar like Bazooka and BadPet will provide a helpful module that displays the current state of your pet’s abilities and helps you to configure their state based on the type of zone you’re in. You can make a macro: /click BadPetFixer to set your pet’s autocast behaviour to the settings you’ve configured.