Atlas – Quest

Atlas – Quest

Client Version: 5.0.4


AtlasQuest (or AQ) is a Plugin for the famous Addon Atlas. AQ shows you information about quests for the selected instace. + AtlasQuest shows you the Story about this Instance!! (Information taken from the official wow site) + AtlasQuest is now compatible with AlphaMap. Atlas is not needed to use it. + (NEW) AtlasQuest shows now inforamtion about boss abilities in TBC.(only en and HC: BF and Ramparts added)

Shown Information:
Questname – Questlevel – Quest Reward – Where you can get the quest (+coordinates) Quest-aim – Level you need to accept the Quest – The Quest which follow after this Quest

Questicons are shown on the AtlasQuest panel next to the Quests. There are 2 possible questicons: 
1. A Bubble. The bubble shows you that this quest has a prequest. 
2. An Arrow. The Arrow shows you that the quest above this quest is the prequest.

type /atlasquest [command] or /aq [command] commands: show/hide — shows/hides the atlasquest panel left/right — show the atlasquest panel on the right or left side (left default) autoshow — set whether the atlasquest panel is shown with atlas or not (yes default)

Other features:
AQ checks on your faction and shows the right Panel – AQ autohides the AQ panel if you watch the flightmap/instance maps – Starts with atlas – /aq or /atlasquest to see the version and show the AQpanel – Works with Atlasloot Enhanced – AQ autohides atlasloot when you open a quest – linking Items with shift + click NEW – linking Quests with shift + click NEW