Ackis Recipe List

Ackis Recipe List

Client Version: 5.0.4


Ackis Recipe List is an AddOn which will scan your trade skills and provide information on how to obtain recipes.

How to get it to work
You open up a trade skill window (ie: Enchanting) and click on the Scan button which is attached to the trade skill window. Results will be printed out to the chat frame, or into a separate window depending on preference.

Command Line
Ackis Recipe List has a GUI to change parameters. Type /arl to open up the GUI. Acceptable commands include:
/arl about

  • Opens up the about panel, listing information about the mod/arl sort or /arl sortingOpens up the sorting options

/arl scan profession

  • Scan a profession

/arl documentation

  • Opens up in-game documentation regarding ARL

/arl display

  • Opens up display options

/arl profile

  • Opens up profile options

/arl tradelinks

  • Prints out a list of all the profession tradeskill links

Ackis Recipe List will behave differently depending on which modifying keys you use to click.

Scan Button
This is the functionality that occurs when you are clicking the scan button.

Normal Click

  • Performs a scan of the current tradeskill displaying recipes in a new window.

Shift Click

  • Generates a text dumping of the current tradeskill in a format (CSV, XML, BBC) specified by the user.

Alt Click

  • Removes all waypoints on the World Map and Mini-map generated by ARL.

Ctrl Click

  • Provides development code for use when updating trainers, vendors, etc in the recipe database.

This is the functionality that occurs when you click on a recipe.
Normal Click

  • Expands or contracts the recipe acquire information.

Shift Click

  • Generates an item link of the item that the recipe will make into your default chat box.

Ctrl Click

  • Generates a spell link for the recipe you clicked.

Alt Click

  • Adds or removes a recipe from the exclusion list.

Ctrl-Shift Click

  • Adds the specific recipe acquire methods to the World Map and Mini-map.