Fishing Guide – Battle for Azeroth

Fishing Changes in BfA

You now catch the same number of fish regardless of your fishing level.

In BfA each expansion has it’s own profession tier with a max level.

  • Classic professions max out at 300
  • Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, and Mists of Pandaria professions max out at 75
  • Warlords of Draenor and Legion professions max out at 100
  • Battle for Azeroth professions max out at 150

In BfA Fishing now has a seperate skill depending on your faction, [Kul Tiran Fishing] for (Alliance) and Zandalari Fishing for (Horde), everything else is still the same between the two.

Fishing Trainers

  • For (Horde) Silent Tali in the northern part of Dazar’alor.
  • For (Alliance) Alan Goyle in the north-eastern part of Tiragarde Sound

You can learn this fishing training at any level, which is a welcome change.

Types of Fish

Fish do not come from specific zones anymore. There are 3 types of fish specific to Kul Tiras, 3 types of fish specific to the Zandalar and 2 fish that can be fished in all of the zones.

Great Sea CatfishRivers & LakesYes
Redtail LoachRivers & LakesYes
Slimy MackerelSeas & OceansYes
Sand ShifterSeas & OceansYes
Midnight SalmonEverywhereNo
Great Sea CatfishRivers & LakesYes
Tiragarde PerchRivers & LakesYes
Lane SnapperSeas & OceansYes
Frenzied FangtoothEverywhereNo
Midnight SalmonEverywhereNo


There is only one fishing mount in Battle for Azeroth and it is the Great Sea Ray.
It has a catch rate of 1/200 in Sea/Ocean waters.

Daily World Quests

These are the initial 7 daily world quests added in Battle for Azeroth. World quests are selected randomly for the day so the amount of fishing quests you get will vary.


These are the new achievements that came with Battle for Azeroth

Leveling fishing

You can only level Battle for Azeroth fishing in Kul Tiras and Zandalar. You won’t get skill ups fishing anywhere else.
It doesn’t matter where you fish in the new Battle for Azeroth zones. Just pick a spot, turn on Netflix and have fun. You should be able to max your BfA fishing in a couple of hours.