Z-Perl UnitFrames

Z-Perl UnitFrames

Client Version: 1.15.2


Z-Perl UnitFrames for Classic (quickfix by DaMaGepy)

Simple Configurable unit/target’starget/pet/party frames. Later I may add the raidframes too.

To open config window: /zperl

– RealMobHealth support (if you have it)
– ComboPoint, HunterPetHappiness fixed
– Sometimes in Party the frame disappears, will look into it later, until then just refresh with: /zperl p
– Namechange option for streamers for fun (read below)

I am not the original author, I just modified/updated it to work in Classic, if someone else or the author uploads an official/better version then I’ll delete this.
I only tested for a while, could not test in raids or with special targets (pets, mechanical mobs, rares etc).
I think I found/fixed all error but some may still occur, if that happens then pls report them (luaname/row) here or ingame (ClassicPvP): Magepy / Gepy

Namechange: I made some modification to Zperl and TipTac for the ability to change the client-side displayed name to anything. It is client-side only and only changes the shown name in that 2 addon, so for example others will still see your original names unless if they also have these addons set up for the same namechanges, plus the login character select screen and such still shows the real names. It’s just a cosmetic onscreen change, I’ve added 2 example screenshot of it here…
Affects: unitframe, target, targetoftarget, partyframe, pets, partytargets, and tiptac mouseover tooltips. You can change your warlock pet’s name too

It is mostly for streamers to have fun or to hide/fake their names

To edit names, use a text editor on: ZPerl/FakeNames.lua