X and Y (Classic)

X and Y (Classic)

Client Version: 1.15.1


Places X and Y map coordinates at: (1) top of the World Map, (2) in the Minimap’s zone text, (3) and zone text tooltip. Configurable precision and display.

This is the Classic version. For Retail, download X and Y

How to Use
Instal: Like any other AddOn. Set up: Works ‘as is’.

Clicking on the Minimap zone text cycles through four display modes: (1) 3 decimal places, (2) 2 decimal places, (3) 1 decimal place, (4) no coordinates.

? Easy configuration of the Minimap zone text display
? Special Minimap zone text colours at compass points N/S/E/W and NW/SW/SE/NE New!
? Degrees added to popup Minimap zone text Tooltip New!
? Absolute simplicity
? No Ace libraries = no bloat
? Ultra small cpu/memory footprint

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If You Like X and Y
Nobody can resist an adorable Raptor Hatchling pet or the magnificent Netherwing Drake and Long-Forgotten Hippogryph mounts. You’ll of course need Dark Soil for The Tillers friendships and a Loose Pebble for your Dog! A familiar treat awaits if you complete Dalaran’s Higher Learning. As you journey on this Long Strange Trip, map your way with X and Y coordinates and have some fun with Yarrr for pirate Tooltips.

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