Track Resources

Track Resources

Client Version: 1.15.2


A simple addon to track resources you gather (herbs/mining).

This is my first addon and mainly just for fun, but I found it useful in Classic since a lot of other similar addons don’t work yet.


  • It doesn’t come with pre-loaded database so it will be empty on first use.
  • Initial Minimap icon support implemented, but no directional hints yet and doesn’t work with rotated minimaps.

/tr zonemap (toggles zonemap icons)
/tr minimap (toggles minimap icons)
/tr zonesize n (sets size of zone icons, default is 12)
/tr minisize n (sets size of minimap icons, default is 12)

The minimap work was much harder than expected so this first version is just basic icons which will show when a resource is in range of the minimap window. I plan to add support for the UI rotated minimap option and also add directional hints (icons further away but placed on the edge of the minimap for reference). May be other issues I haven’t thought about as well.

I have seen one odd bug where changing zone sometimes seems to load the wrong texture for icons (so for example loads a copper ore icon when it was an iron deposit etc). Not really sure how this is happening, if it does, a /reload usually fixes it. Leave a comment if you notice any other issues.