Titan Panel Classic

Titan Panel Classic

Client Version: 1.15.2


Titan Panel for Classic 
Displays an information bar at the top/bottom of the screen: gold, bagslots, xp, durability, map coordinates…

It may have errors if I overlooked something or haven’t catched yet, I tried to remove all the retail features (vehicles petbattles guildbank and other leftovers) and deleted related menuitems/configoptions but I may missed some. For now it works for me, should be enough until the authors or someone else rewrites/updates them. If that happens then let me know and I’ll delete this. 

Known bug: the top/bottom panels won’t move/push all of the UI so it can overlap. As a small workaround I changed the limits of the Scale/Fontsize settings, try this:
At Titan Panel Configuration, Scale and Font menu, set: TitanPanelScale 0.5, butonSpacing 250, IconSpacing 50, uncheck DisableTooltipFontScale and set FontSize to 20 (or as you like).
It may still hide the zonename on top of the minimap, but you can just enable the TitanPanel Location plugin to see…
I’ve added a new screenshot to show how it looks with those settings, and also another when there is no background, the money/shard/bag info just sits on the top without the bar (full transparency)…

I may add other plugins like profession ones later but I never used those so for now I just continue playing  
Working plugins: Gold, Bag, Clock, Location, Mail, Performance, ReloadUI, Repair, Volume, XP

Report any serious bug here or ingame (ClassicPvP): Magepy / Gepy

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4 years ago

Hi the Titan Panel is broken =) the Skins dont work and it green Panel

4 years ago
Reply to  fullmetal

Ditto, I’m still using it!

4 years ago

Yeah, the skins are messed up.

4 years ago

My Titan Panel Classic isn’t being recognized by WoW in the Addons button menu. I’ve checked the path, and it’s the correct file in the correct spot.