The Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue

Client Version: 1.15.2


The Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue is an addon that displays the English name of things in the game.

Say you want to play on an English server, but you also want to keep your game in your mother tongue because :

  • You appreciate some aspects of it better than Blizzard’s
  • That’s the language you played in, back in Vanilla (The feels / #nochange)
  • You don’t feel comfortable enough to have the whole game in English
  • Your friends play in that language, so it makes communication easier


  • You want to know both your language AND English names of things
  • It is sometimes difficult to know what NPC, what quest, what buff other players are talking about

This addon helps with that.

Use /tmt in game chat for all commands.

For items names, Item Name Localized by Urkaz already does a great job (Only on Curseforge).

What it’s not :
This addon is not a translation tool for different languages, it only displays the names in English to make us understand each other better on English servers.

Current features

  • Displays the English name of the NPC the mouse is hovering above
  • Displays the English name of quests next to the quest log
  • Displays the English name of the spell, buff / debuff the mouse is hovering above
  • A configuration panel (command shortcut : /tmt) with the possibility to :
    • turn ON/OFF the above features
    • change the position of the English name in the tooltip (in the title or appended)
    • change the colors of NPCs, spells and quests independently
    • reset settings to default

Features to come (not in this order)

  • Talents names
  • Zones names
  • Retail friendly
  • Names linking
  • Option to display quests English name in a tooltip instead of a window next to the quests log

Known issues

  • For QuestGuru_Classic users : As I understand it, QuestGuru_Classic keeps default QuestLog headers expanded at all times to work, so GetNumQuestLogEntries() always returns the current max value. This means TMT can’t update its quests frame display as headers are expanded / collapsed by the user. This means all quests English names are shown, not just those from expanded headers.