RollTracker Classic

RollTracker Classic

Client Version: 1.15.2


RollTracker Classic is an small addon used for keeping track of /rolls, and especially useful for raid leaders when managing loot.


  • Sort rolls
  • Display rerolls, ties and non-standard ranges
  • Display player which haven’t roll yet
  • Annouce who has won in the chat
  • Optional support for a need (/rnd), greed (/rnd 1-50) or pass (type ‘pass’ in chat) – system

Usage & Slash Commands
RollTracker’s frame will automatically pop up when a /roll is made. No configuration is necessary.

  • /rolltracker, /rt or /rtc to manually display the tracker
  • /rolltracker clear – to manually clear all rolls
  • /rolltracker announce – to announce manually
  • /rolltracker notrolled – to list all missing player
  • /rolltracker close – to close the window
  • /rolltracker undo – to recover cleared rolls
  • /rolltracker config – open config-dialog
  • /rolltracker [itemlink] – starts and announce a new roll in chat with ItemLink

Just open main menu/interface/addon/RollTracker Classic

This addon should work with every classic version. But the text in the addon may be english.
If you want to help, please translate the followed tabel and I will add it:

[“MsgNbRolls”] = “%d Roll(s)”,
[“MsgRollCleared”] = “All rolls have been cleared.”,
[“MsgUndoRoll”]=”Undo all rolls.”,
[“MsgAnnounce”] = “%s won with a roll of %d.”,
[“MsgAnnounceTie”] = “Tie, %s won with a roll of %d.”,
[“MsgNotRolled”]=”The following people still need to roll or say ‘%s'”,
[“MsgCheat”]=”Ignoring %s’s roll of %s (%s-%s).”, — (player, roll, max_roll, min_roll)
[“MsgStart”]=”New roll starting now! Type ‘/rnd’ or ‘%s'”,
[“MsgStartGreenAndNeed”]=”New roll starting now! Type ‘/rnd’ for need, ‘/rnd 1-50’ for greed or ‘%s'”,
[“MsgNextItem”]=”Next item: %s”,
[“pass”] = “pass”,
[“BtnNotRolled”]=”Not rolled”,
[“CboxCloseOnClear”]=”Close window after [Clear]”,
[“CboxClearOnAnnounce”]=”Clear rolls after [Announce]”,
[“CboxCloseOnAnnounce”]=”Close window after [Announce]”,
[“CboxClearOnClose”]=”Clear rolls after [Close]”,
[“CboxIgnoreDouble”]=”Ignore double rolls”,
[“CboxRejectOutBounds”]=”Reject rolls with bounds other than (1-100)”,
[“CboxAnnounceIgnoreDouble”]=”Only with [Announce]: Ignore double rolls”,
[“CboxAnnounceRejectOutBounds”]=”Only with [Announce]: Reject rolls with bounds other than (1-100)”,
[“CboxNeedAndGreed”]=”Use Need ‘/rnd’ and Greed ‘/rnd 1-50’ system, ignores out of bounce”,
[“CboxShowNotRolled”]=”Show [Not rolled] button”,,

RollTracker Classic is an updated version of “RollTracker Lite”, originally by Jerry Chong ,
RollTracker Lite was rewritten from scratch based on an old pre-WOTLK addon of the same name, originally by Coth of Gilneas and Morodan of Khadgar, and currently maintained by Eryne at

1.2 – Group Leader can now “pass” too
– Tie-Message
– Fix Undo
– Config in Interface/config / config-Button
– more options (Ignore double rolls, Reject rolls with bounds other than 1-100)
– Support for the need ‘/rnd’, greed ‘/rnd 1-50’ and pass ‘pass’ – System
1.1 – Fix English
1.0 – Fix for Classic
– Add list with party/raid members who hasn’t roll yet
– /announce and announce-button – ignores when somebody rolls twice
– /notrolled and notrolled-Button
– More Localization-Possibilities
0.4 – Fix for Cataclysm
0.3.x – Mostly localizations and bug fixes
0.3 – Testing localization, save anchors and size
0.2 – New project name. Auto clear when closed
0.1 – Initial test release. The code is very loosely based on the old addon, most of the less-used features have been removed. <10kb when all rolls emptied