ReligiousishUI – Classic

ReligiousishUI – Classic

Client Version: 1.15.2


I really liked schwalby’s ReligiousishUI for retail so I’ve been trying to recreate it in Classic. The UI is clean, unobtrusive, and de-cluttered.


Actionbars: 6 available bars viewable on mouseover

  • 3 bars centrally located, will show while pressing ctrl, in combat, or in a group
  • 3 near the minimap, viewable on mouseover

Bags: One-bag and bank

Data Texts: 5 datatext bars across the top of the screen

  • Main menu, Friends, Guild, Durability, XP%, FPS/MS, Gold, Bags, and Time
  • Two datatexts above the minimap, currently occupied by Details! and FarmHud

FarmHud: Never miss a gather node again!

Meters: Damage and Threat embedded in left chat

  • Create a new chat window in the left chat panel and name it Details!

Nameplates: Friendly and enemy nameplates

  • Health bar hidden when unit has full health.
  • Health bar shown when unit is damaged.
  • Note the Classic client limits nameplates to 20 yards!


Download and install:

ElvUI Classic – I use the latest Git version

ElvUI DTBars2


My file

  • Extract contents to desktop
  • Addons included:Broker_Everything, Details!, FarmHud, Plater
  • In the WTF folder, rename “YOURACCOUNT”, “YourServer” (include spaces), and “Yourcharacter” to, obviously, your WoW account name, server name, and character name. You only need to do this once.
  • Make a backup of your World of Warcraft/_classic_/WTF folder!!!! So you can revert any overridden addon settings you don’t like!
  • Drag and drop the Interface and WTF folder to your World of Warcraft/_classic_ directory

TL;DR picture guide for the rest, and remember to load the rUI – Classic profiles for Plater and Details as well.


Datatexts: Customize through the ElvUI config (/ec). The top and minimap panels begin with DTB2.

  • You can look in BrokerEverything’s config for any modules ElvUI doesn’t include (such as the XP% I use)

Actionbars: If you prefer, you can set the 3 central bars to mouseover. Open ElvUI config->Actionbars->Bar 1/2/3. Delete the Visibility State and check the Mouse Over box. To restore the visibility state, uncheck Mouse Over and paste this into the box:



ElvUI Classic doesn’t have fader settings for unit frames at this time. Frames will not fade due to range, which is no bueno. I recommend finding a party/raid frame addon until this is fixed.