Client Version: 1.15.2


Now compatible with WoW: Classic, starting with r1.10.0! Simply copy-paste the addon to the classic’s addons folder, and ignore the “out of date” warning!


Powered is a moveable and customizable power bar. It can be reskinned to fit your need, depending on what specialization is active. It can also be hidden outside of combat, and locked into place. Also included are a few more options to fit your needs! It is made to work with ANY class and at any level.

To see the options, simply type /powered or /pwr. Alternatively, open the main menu, select “Interface”, click on the “Addons” tab at the top, and select “Powered”.

After 9+ years of playing, i thought it high time i give some back; hence, this is the first addon that i have ever made. if you notice any problem, please report it! Thank you!