Peggle Classic (Fan Update)

Peggle Classic (Fan Update)

Client Version: 1.15.2


The Peggle Institute has opened a branch in Azeroth!

After we successfully brought the Bejeweled experience into WoW, the PopCap Guild decided to tackle another of our favorite things: Peggle.

We wanted something more competitive that we could use to settle loot disputes and challenge each other while we waited for that last raid member to log on. We’ve packed in some great touches for the add-on version of Peggle, and now it’s ready to be shared with the world!

Features Include:

  • Quick Play mode with 12 stages based on major locations in WoW.
  • Two Peggle masters, alongside a Peggle Talent Tree!
  • Duel Mode: Compete in a quick match against other players!
  • Challenge Mode: Create custom leaderboards for friends and guildmates!
  • /peggleloot: A hilarious new way to “roll” for loot! Best shot gets the item!
  • Free! Yes, absolutely FREE!

Fan update for World of Warcraft Classic