Monolith DKP

Monolith DKP

Client Version: 1.15.2


Monolith DKP

MonDKP is a DKP system written with intent to track all aspects of DKP and looting within WoW. Every member of the guild can have it and have full access to real-time DKP values as well as loot and DKP history.
This is my first official go at writting an addon despite 15 years of playing the game. So if any bugs or errors show their face, please let me know. Any suggestions or requests are also welcome! You can submit bugs at

Release Note: This version has a LOT of player requested features added to it including an extensive overhaul of the various DKP modes you can select. Take a look at the change log for more info. Deleting your SavedVariables file is also recommended due to restructuring. (WTF\Account\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\MonolithDKP.lua). And if you have any errors pop up or something doesn’t seem to be acting right, please submit a bug report! I’ve spent an insane amount of time trying to get in these player requests this week alone (80 hours?) so there’s a very good possibility I may not have covered every possibility that could cause an error. There also will be a new, more in-depth, video shortly to help with any questions regarding all of the new features.

NOTE:This AddOn is compatible for the 8.x.x client and can be tested there prior to 1.13 release. Thank you to those that have been submitting bug reports!

Video Tutorial: This is just covering the basic key operations of the addon. Be sure to check the description for additional information.

If you enjoy the addon and would like to donate it is tremendously appreciated!

Initial Setup:

  1. Ensure all players that you wish to be “Officers” within the addon have permissions to write to officer notes within your guild management. Their actual rank name does not matter.
  2. Ensure the guild leaders PUBLIC NOTE is empty or 0. This is where the timestamp for the most recent version of your DKP tables is kept. Any time the leader or officer makes a change to the data, this timestamp is updated. It is therefore heavily recommended you only give permission to alter public notes to officers to prevent someone from altering that number. If at any time you find yourself as having “out of date” tables but you know for a fact you have the most recent tables, this can be fixed by emptying the leaders public note or setting it to 0.
  3. Set proper DKP parameters in the “Options” tab as well as in the DKP Modes menu (from Options tab). Once completed, broadcast those settings to all officers to ensure all data matches regardless of who handles the DKP. (Done at the bottom of the DKP Modes menu).
  4. Add guild members to the list in the “Manage” tab and you’re ready to go.


– DKP Table entries provide a tooltip showing the players recently spent and earned DKP

– Right click context menu on DKP lists to provide additional filtered views and functionality. (Display only core raiders, select all and mass invite to raid or view standby raider list.)

– Loot history. What item was won, by whom, from what boss/zone, and how much they spent on it. Can be filtered by player.

– Bid timer displaying what is currently up for bid as well as it’s minimum bid as well as raid timers that automatically distributes dkp in intervals (set by you).

– Several different DKP modes and variant options to get the DKP mode you’re using (Minimum bidding, Static cost bidding, Roll based bidding and Zero Sum)

– Option to allow Sub Zero Bidding in “/dkp bid” window – Allows players to bid below their available dkp enabling them to go into the negative. But only if their available DKP is greater than 0. (with option shut off, any bid that is greater than available DKP will be rejected)

And far too many more to list…

Officer only features

– “Officer” permissions within the addon are granted by checking if the player has permission to write to officer notes in guild management. They must also have write to public note permissions to update the timestamp on the leaders public note. Anyone you wish to have access to officer functions within the addon must have that write to officer note permissions.

– Bid window (opened by SHIFT+ALT clicking an item in the loot window or by typing /dkp bid [item link]) that starts bidding, collects all bids submitted, and awards the item. NOTE: Shift+Alt clicking an item only works if the item is in one of the first 4 slots of the loot window due to restrictions at the moment. If the item you wish to bid on isn’t on the first page, either loot all items on that first page, close and reopen window. Or simply use /dkp bid [item link]

– Default minimum bid values can be set by slot (Neck, head etc) in the Options tab.

– Adjust DKP tab (awarding DKP). Also includes a DKP Decay option that reduces all entries by X% (default set in options or change on the fly in the Adjust DKP tab)

– Manage Tab. Used to broadcast complete tables to everyone in the guild if required as well as add/remove player entries.

– Shift+Click entries in the table to select multiple players to modify.

– Right click context menu in Loot History to reassign items (if minds are changed after awarding) which will subsequently give the DKP cost back to the initial owner and charge it to the new recipient

– Boss Kill Bonus auto selects the last killed boss/zone

– Options window has additional fields to set bonus defaults (On time bonus, boss kill bonus etc)

– Every time a modification, loot entry or DKP entry is made, that information is automatically broadcasted to the guild and their GUI is updated.


– All entries can only be edited / added by officers in the guild (this is determined by checking Officer Note Writing permissions).

– If the addon is modified to grant a player access to the options available only to officers, attempting to broadcast a modified table will notify officers of this action.

– Every time an officer adds an entry or modifies a DKP value, the public note of the Guild Leader is changed to a time stamp. That time stamp is used to notify other users if they do or do not have the most up-to-date tables.


/dkp ? – Lists all available commands

/dkp – Opens Main GUI

/dkp timer – Starts a raid timer (Officers Only) IE: /dkp timer 120 Pizza Break!

/dkp reset – Resets GUI position

/dkp export – Exports all entries to HTML (To avoid crashing this will only export the most recent 200 loot history items and 200 DKP history items)

/dkp bid – Opens Bid Window. If you include an item link (/dkp bid [item link]) it will include that item for bid information.


– It is recommended you remove write to public note permission from regular rank members so they don’t have the ability to alter/delete the time stamp in the leaders public note as this could cause the addon to identify your tables as out of date. If that happens, you can reset it by setting the note as blank (need to disable the addon before doing this). This may change in the future if I’m able to determine a more convenient means by which to handle this.

– Due to the volatile nature of WoW Addons and saved variables, it’s recommended you back up your SavedVariables file located at “WTF\Accounts\ACCOUNT_NAME\SavedVariables\MonolithDKP.lua” at the end of every raid week to ensure all data isn’t lost due to somehow losing your WTF folder. Even if you do lose it, another officer with updated tables can broadcast them (Manage DKP Tab) to you to bring you back up-to-date. So there are multiple redundancies to ensure data isn’t lost.

– Export DKP to HTML at the end of a raid week and paste into an HTML file and keep a week by week log in Discord for players to view outside of the game. This will also give you a backup of the data to reapply in the event data is lost.

– DKP table validation is done by using an epoch timestamp (a string of 10 numbers) to check the age of a DKP table. That timestamp is stored in the Guild Leaders public note. Don’t allow players to edit the public notes to avoid this being modified (Officers will need permission to do so, however). If you delete this note or change it to zero, all tables, regardless if they haven’t been updated in weeks, will be considered “up-to-date” and therefore valid for broadcasting. Inversely, if an issue arises where the number was tampered with and no one is showing with “up-to-date” tables even though you know you have the most up to date one, simply set this value to 0 in the note and then broadcast the DKP table (Manage Tab). This will set it back to the proper timestamp.

If you’d like to change the Monolith DKP Title image to one for your own guild, you’re more than welcome to. It simply requires you replace “MonolithDKP\Media\Textures\mondkp-title-t.tga” with your custom tga image (MUST be 256 x 64).

Release Note: While this addon was predominantly developed in retail, all features have been tested extensively in the Classic Beta. Obviously raid triggers were not able to be tested. But bidding has all been verified and there doesn’t appear to be any change to the API to suggest the triggers wouldn’t work. The trigger in question is the auto switch “last boss killed” when a boss dies. This can be triggered manually in Adjust DKP > Boss Kill Bonus (Reason) > Select boss from dropdown, prior to bidding.