MikScrollingBattleText Classic (quickfix)

MikScrollingBattleText Classic (quickfix)

Client Version: 1.15.2


MikScrollingBattleText (MSBT) for Classic (quickfix by DaMaGepy)

Simiar to Blizzard’s scrolling texts but configurable… if you see somewhere in the settings “unknown” events or spells, just delete them, they probably leftovers from Legion or BFA

To open config window: /msbt

I am not the author, I just modified/updated it to work in Classic, if someone else or the author uploads an official/better version then I’ll delete this.
I only tested for a while, could not test in raids or with special targets (pets, mechanical mobs, rares etc).
I think I found/fixed all error but some may still occur, if that happens then pls report them (luaname/row) here or ingame (ClassicPvP): Magepy / Gepy