MageButtons (Classic)

MageButtons (Classic)

Client Version: 1.15.2


– Purpose: Adds “menu” buttons for mage spell categories: water, food, teleports, portals, mana gems, polymorph

– Consolidates spells into collapsible buttons to save bar space (like modern teleports/portals buttons)
– Horizontal or Vertical layouts
– Menu direction left/right/up/down
– Customizable button size, padding, background color, border
– Can specify button order
– Buttons can be keybound via standard bindings page (under Addons)

– First time loading it will default to a set button order, need to go into Options and actually set them for them to save (will say “not set”)

Known issues / TODO:
– Keybindings are wonky, probably because I’m doing something wrong, but they mostly work?
– Need to reload UI when new spells are learned from trainer so the addon will pick them up
– Not sure if the Polymorph button is worth it, was thinking it would be nice to easily switch from Sheep to Turtle to Pig
– Could add AI for easy access to lower ranks for lower level players
– Lock/unlock from options panel is out of sync with minimap click