Client Version: 1.15.2


The last date of comment parsing is now part of the addon’s filename.

Includes over 166,198 comments for more than 15,560 quests

LightHeaded is a very simple addon that displays quest information and comments from in game, eliminating the need to Alt-Tab when you get stuck on quest. This addon was inspired by qcomments and wowhead_quests, which both serve a similar purpose. Data is only loaded when you first request it, so you can be sure you’re not using more memory than you need to.

I HIGHLY suggest using this addon with TomTom, another one of my addons (…32-TomTom.html ). This allows you to simply click any coordinate in LightHeaded to add it to your map as a waypoint.

The following slash commands are valid:

  • /lh attach – Attaches the frame to the quest log
  • /lh detach – Detaches the frame, allows you to resize and move it
  • /lh sound – Toggles the open/close sound
  • /lh page – Toggles showing all comments on one page, or with multiple pages
  • /lh bgalpha <0.0-1.0> – Changes the alpha of the LH window background textures, so you can see the world.
  • /lh debug – Enables or disabled debug messages when loading quest databases
  • /lh config – Opens the LightHeaded configuration window
  • /lh autodetails – Toggle automatic opening of the Lightheaded window when clicking a quest in the objective tracker

LightHeaded now includes the English descriptions and introductory text for most of the quests in the game. This is disabled by default, but can be enabled for those players that are not playing in their native locale.

LightHeaded supports sending coordinates to TomTom, MapNotes, Cartographer2 and Cartographer3.

IMPORTANT: Addon authors that wish to use this API and data should
include the wowhead logo in the frame that displays this information.
They are kind enough to let me continue parsing their database, and we
owe them at least that much. Thank you.

Thanks for using my addons!