Kiwi Item Info

Kiwi Item Info

Client Version: 1.15.2


WoW Classic Addon, Shows iLvl (with colors), Vendor Price
(unit/stack), and highlights all grey named items for vendor selling
with LCTRL

To install:

  1. Navigate to your WoW Classic addons folder. S:WoWWorld of Warcraft_classic_InterfaceAddOns
  2. git clone

You should be all set up.

Edit KiwiItemInfo.lua if you need to change the LCTRL keybinding for revealing grey-named items or adjust level range for iLvl colors.

iLvl coloration works like this:

  • iLvl is your level or higher? Red
  • iLvl is 1-3 levels under you? Yellow
  • iLvl is 4-6 levels under you? Green
  • iLvl is 7-9+ levels under you? Grey