Client Version: 1.15.2




Immersion is a replacement for the dated quest & gossip frames. Hugely inspired by the talking head frame, Immersion is a no-nonsense solution to the wall of quest text you never read, without hindering your progress. Skip ahead, accept quests and select dialogue options with the press of a single button or simply click anywhere on the frame to pick up the next quest. All your hotkeys are customizable and you can even use number keys to press specific gossip/quest options.

Even though you can navigate the interface much faster than the regular quest & gossip frames, Immersion will get you to actually read and understand what’s happening on your questing adventure, without any cumbersome stops along the way. Immersion doesn’t take the long route and force you through menus and text. The full immersive experience is there for you when you want it, but doesn’t get in your way when you’re in a hurry.

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