Helm Hide Classic

Helm Hide Classic

Client Version: 1.15.2


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This is a Classic version of my Helm Hide addon It works just ilke in the olden days so API functions are available. Because of that Classic version doesn’t unequip your helmet/cloak, instead it will just hide it in resting zone and show it when you leave resting zone.

You can choose to either hide both helm and a cloak or just helm/just cloak. Use slash command /hh <option> or /helmhide <option> to turn on the mode you like. Here’s the list of options:

  • on – it will autohide both helm and claok in resting zone
  • helm – it will only autohide helm in resting zone
  • cloak – it will only autohide claok in resting zone
  • off – it won’t do anything in resting zone, you can still hide helm and cloak using special buttons.

There are also two buttons on the character panel you can use to hide helmet or cloak and show.