Group Bulletin Board

Group Bulletin Board

Client Version: 1.15.2


The addon checks all active channels to search for groups / members, sorts them by dungeon and puts them in a nice table.
The addon should not become a search-for-group tool! It will never create groups or perform group invitations. It should only be an alternative representation of the chat.


  • Automatically join the official search for group channel
  • Requests for dungeons can be specifically filtered
  • Optional automatic notifications in chat or via sound
  • Simply whisper by clicking the entry
  • Send / who requests via simple shift plus click

Usage & Slash Commands

Just type / bgg or click on the icon on the minimap. The settings can be reached via the small gear next to the “X”.

Unfortunately, GBB currently only supports English and German. If you want to help translate the addon, please send me the translate following entries.

First the menu entries and messages from GBB:

[“msgNbRequest”]=”%d request(s) – click to wispher – shift+click to ‘who'”,
[“msgStartWho”]=”request who on %s…”,
[“msgNewRequest”]=”New request by %s for dungeon %s.”,
[“msgInit”]=”GroupBulletinBoard %s is loaded. Type /gbb to get started.”,
[“Cboxshowminimapbutton”]=”Show minimap button”,
[“CboxShowTotalTime”]=”Show total time instead last update”,
[“CboxOnDebug”]=”Show debug information”,
[“CboxNotifyChat”]=”On new request make a chat notification”,
[“CboxNotifySound”]=”On new request make a sound notification”,
[“EditTimeOut”]=”Time before removing (sec):”,

The exact name of the official search-for-group channel in your language:


The following list contains the identification words for a group search. Please note, this list is currently German / English mixed, as on a German server also English terms are used.

{“suche”,”suchen”,”sucht”,”group”,”gruppe”, “go”,”lfg”, “lf”, “lfm”, “lf1m”, “lf2m”,”lf3m”, “lftank”, “lfheals”, “lfhealer”, “lfdps”, “dd”, “dds”,”1dd”,”2dd”,”3dd”,”1dds”,”2dds”,”3dds”, “sfg”, “sfm”, “druide”, “dudu”, “druid”, “hunter”, “jäger”, “mage”, “magier”, “pala”, “paladin”, “priest”, “priester”, “rogue”, “rouge”, “schurke”, “shaman”, “schami”, “schamane”, “warlock”, “hexer”, “hexenmeister”, “hm”, “warrior”, “krieger”,”heiler”,”heal”,”healer”,”tank” }

The following words exclude a request, only extend it carefully.


Next is a list of dungeons and common tags that will be used. It is important that the names are unique! They must not appear in two dungeons.

[“RFC”] = { “rfc”, “ragefire”,”chasm”,”rfa”,”ragefireabgrund”,”flammenschlund”,”rf”,”rfg”} ,
[“DM”] = { “deadmines”, “vc”,”dm”, “vancleef”,”todesminen”,”todesmine”, “tm”} ,
[“WC”] = { “wc”, “wailing”, “caverns”,”hdw”, “wehklagens”} ,
[“SFK”] = { “sfk”, “shadowfang”,”burg”,”bsf”,”schattenfang”} ,
[“STK”] = { “stk”, “stock”, “stockade”, “stockades”,”verlies”} ,
[“BFD”] = { “bfd”, “blackfathom”,”bft”} ,
[“GNO”] = {“gnomer”, “gno”, “gnomeregan”, “gnomeragan”,”gnome”, “gnomregan”,”gnomragan”,”gnom”} ,
[“RFK”] = {“rfk”, “kraul”,”kral”,”karl”} ,
[“SMG”] = {“smgy”, “smg”, “gy”, “graveyard”,”friedhof”,”hof”,”fh”} ,
[“SML”] = {“smlib”, “sml”, “lib”, “library”,”bibli”,”bibi”,”bibliothek”,”bib”,”bücherei”,”bibo”,”biblio”} ,
[“SMA”] = {“smarm”, “sma”, “arm”, “armory”, “herod”, “armoury”,”arms”,”wk”,”waffenkammer”,”arsenal”} ,
[“SMC”] = {“smcath”, “smc”, “cath”, “cathedral”,”kathe”,”kathedrale”,”kath”,”katha” },
[“RFD”] = {“rfd”, “downs”, “hügel”} ,
[“ULD”] = {“uld”, “ulda”, “uldaman”,”ulduman”} ,
[“ZF”] = {“zf”, “zul”, “farrak”, “zul’farrak”, “zulfarrak”, “zulfarak”} ,
[“MAR”] = {“mar”, “mara”, “maraudon”, “mauradon”,”princess”,”prinzessinen”,”prinzessin”,”mauro” } ,
[“ST”] = {“st”, “sunken”, “atal”,”temple”,”tempel” } ,
[“BRD”] = {“brd”, “lava”,”lavarun”,”arenarun”, “emperor”,”blackrocktiefen”,”blackrock”,”brt”,”imperator”,”imp”},
[“DME”] = {“dme”, “east”, “puzilin”,”ost”},
[“DMN”] = {“dmn”, “north”, “tribute”,”tribut”,”nord”,”könig”,”königs”},
[“DMW”] = {“dmw”, “west”},
[“STR”] = {“stratlive”, “live”,”living”,”lebend”,”stratUD”, “undead”, “ud”,”baron”,”untot”,”strath”,”strat”,”stratholme”,”stath”,”stratholm”},
[“SCH”] = {“scholomance”, “scholo”,”sholo”,”sholomance”},
[“LBRS”] = {“lower”, “lbrs”, “lrbs”},
[“UBRS”] = {“upper”, “ubrs”, “urbs”},
[“ONY”] = {“onyxia”, “ony”},
[“MC”] = {“molten”, “core”, “mc”,”kern”},
[“ZG”] = {“zg”, “gurub”, “zul’gurub”, “zulgurub”},
[“AQ20”] = {“ruins”, “aq20”},
[“BWL”] = {“blackwing”, “lair”, “bwl”},
[“AQ40”] = {“aq40”} ,
[“NAX”] = {“naxxramas”, “nax”, “naxx”},
[“WSG”] = {“wsg”, “warsong”,”warsongschlucht”,”schlucht”},
[“AB”] = {“arathi”, “basin”},
[“AV”] = {“av”, “alterac”, “valley”},

And last but not least the names of the dungeons:

[“RFC”] = “Ragefire Chasm”,
[“DM”] = “The Deadmines”,
[“WC”] = “Wailing Caverns”,
[“SFK”] = “Shadowfang Keep”,
[“STK”] = “The Stockade”,
[“BFD”] = “Blackfathom Deeps”,
[“GNO”] = “Gnomeregan”,
[“RFK”] = “Razorfen Kraul”,
[“SMG”] = “Scarlet Monastery: Graveyard”,
[“SML”] = “Scarlet Monastery: Library”,
[“SMA”] = “Scarlet Monastery: Armory”,
[“SMC”] = “Scarlet Monastery: Cathedral”,
[“RFD”] = “Razorfen Downs”,
[“ULD”] = “Uldaman”,
[“ZF”] = “Zul’Farrak”,
[“MAR”] = “Maraudon”,
[“ST”] = “The Sunken Temple”,
[“BRD”] = “Blackrock Depths”,
[“DME”] = “Dire Maul: East”,
[“DMN”] = “Dire Maul: North”,
[“DMW”] = “Dire Maul: West”,
[“STR”] = “Stratholme”,
[“SCH”] = “Scholomance”,
[“LBRS”] = “Lower Blackrock Spire”,
[“UBRS”] = “Upper Blackrock Spire”,
[“ONY”] = “Onyxia’s Lair (40)”,
[“MC”] = “Molten Core (40)”,
[“ZG”] = “Zul’Gurub (20)”,
[“AQ20”] = “Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20)”,
[“BWL”] = “Blackwing Lair (40)”,
[“AQ40”] = “Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (40)”,
[“NAX”] = “Naxxramas (40)”,
[“WSG”] = “Warsong Gulch (PvP)”,
[“AB”] = “Arathi Basin (PvP)”,
[“AV”] = “Alterac Valley (PvP)”,
[“MISC”] = “Miscellaneous”,

Please send the information to “forum ( ad ) gpihome . de”, I will consider it in next release.