Global Ignore List Classic

Global Ignore List Classic

Client Version: 1.15.2



Global Ignore List is a quality of life addon that provides a greatly enhanced (unlimited) character ignore system, and has a robust chat/spam filtering engine to eliminate gold sellers/spammers, guild recruitment, non-latin text, and more. All of these can be enabled or disabled as you please or you can even create your own:

Global Ignore also gives you full access to its chat filtering engine so you can create your own filters whether they are as simple as a single word or complex statements that requirement boolean evaluations.

* Unlimited ignore list size, synchronized across all characters, factions, and servers
* Account wide ignore system
* Ability to ignore players, NPCs, monsters, and entire servers
* Ability to set notes for ignored entries, and expiration times for automatic removal from ignore
* Chat spam filtering with robust chat spam filter editor, allowing players to create their own custom filters.
* Default spam filters catch the majority of gold sellers and spammers (defaults for English servers) including gold spam, Guild recruitment, community invites, Asian languages, and so on.
* Warnings to prevent inviting or being a member of a group with a player on your ignore list
* Automatic decline of duels and party invites from ignored players
* Greatly improved UI over the default
* Enhancements to existing UI such as being able to ignore by right clicking target or from raid frames
* Small and efficient created with pure WoW API only (no libs like ACE)

Type /gi in game for chat help, or open your ignore list for features and options