Client Version: 1.15.2


Hey everyone!

To make the process of forming groups less time consuming and actually let people focus on playing the game this project came to be. This project is still early in development! I*would appreciate any feedback regarding which features should or should not be included and how they could be improved on. Feel free to submit it as a comment below!

Features that are/will be included.

Creating Groups

  • Groups created using ClassicLFG are visible to all players using it on the Realm
  • When looking for people it will periodically write in a public channel of your choice to make people without the addon aware of the group
  • You can NOT set any itemlevel requirements for your group and the itemlevel of applicants is not visible

Looking for Groups

  • You can look for groups for any dungeon, but there is also a “Custom” category for world events and more.
  • The addon automatically parses all chat messages and lists them as groups to queue up (even from other layers!)
    Note: If you queue for such a group it will whisper the leader of the group with the message that you provide*
  • Multiple dungeons can be selected at a time
  • Groups of which the leader is on your ignore list will not show up

Features that will not be included:

  • Automatic group matchmaking

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