Client Version: 1.15.2


# Features
– Display available quests on your map and minimap
– Display active quests on your map and minimap
– Display spawn markers on your map and minimap that show exact spawn locations for mobs/npcs/objects needed for your quests
– Updated tooltips to display quest progress when hovering over mobs/npcs/objects
– Auto-accept quests (can be disabled by holding `control`)
– Auto-turnin quests (can be disabled by holding `control`)
– Quest icon above enemy nameplates that are required for your quests
– Shift-clicking markers on the map will hide them
– Be careful while shift-clicking quest markers as it will mark them as “done” and they will not show up anymore for that character
– Clicking spawn markers on the map will change the color of the markers
– Questlog buttons to show/hide/reset markers
– Database Browser window to search for items/npcs/quests/objects.
– Chat commands

# Configurations
– Toggle auto-accept
– Toggle auto-turnin
– Toggle quest icon above enemy nameplates
– Toggle showing questgivers
– Toggle showing questgives for active quests
– Show/hide low-level quests
– Show/hide high-level quests
– Show/hide seasonal quests
– Color spawn markers by spawn type or by quest
– Adjust the size of quest markers (pickup / turnin)
– Adjust the size of spawn markers
– Control what to display on your map/minimap
– Show all quests?
– Show only tracked quests?
– Only show things manually added
– Hide everything

# Chat Commands
– Accessed through `/codex`
– `/codex show`: Show database browser interface
– `/codex unit <unit>`: Search for an npc/mob by name and display best location on map
– `/codex object <gameObject>`: Seach for an object by name and display location on map (ex: `/codex object copper vein`)
– `/codex item <item>`: Search for an item and display location of mobs that drop it
– `/codex vendor <item>`: Search for an item and display location of vendors that sell it
– `/codex quest <questName>`: Search for a specific quest by name
– `/codex quests`: Show all quests on the map
– `/codex meta <relation> <min> <max>`: Search for objects with relations on the map (ex: `/codex meta mines 50 175` will display ores mineable with from skill 50 to 175 in mining)
– Available relations: `chests`, `herbs`, `mines`
– `/codex clean`: Clean the map
– `/codex reset`: Reset the map and display only current quests
– `/codex <something>`: Will attempt to search through the database browser