Bloodfang – Rogue Simcraft

Bloodfang – Rogue Simcraft

Client Version: 1.15.2


BloodFang is a Rogue Combat Simulation and TheoryCraft addon. This is my first ever addon I’ve created, please send me any feedback or bug reports you may have to [email protected].

BloodFang is currently still in development, but I wanted to get it out there and get some opinion on it.

Currently BloodFang can:

Scrape your Character Data on log in and use the Stats to calculate your White and Yellow melee hit tables for Boss Level creatures (+3).

In Development:

Lightweight Estimation Simulation for a quick idea of DPS output

Intensive Simulation with repeats to get accurate DPS output

Talent Drafting for Build Simulations

Gear Swapping Simulations for comparing item upgrades (Including off-spec support)

Full Custom Talent Point Simulations to suggest the best builds for Raiding


This addon has been entirely developed between the BFA client and a Sandbox version of the Classic Wow Beta. This should function correctly on Classic release, but there are likely some issues that will need addressing, particularly with character stats.

This currently only functions for Rogues, but if I get enough interest I could look to extend it to other Melee classes such as Warrior.


v1.01 is now out! This contains some bug fixes, optimization and added Talent functionality. This can now also output your offensive character stats (Beta).