Advanced Options by MinguasBeef

Advanced Options by MinguasBeef

Client Version: 1.15.2


This addon will give you some advanced options in the addon menu under the interface options.

Options include:
Max Camera Distance Zoom Factor
Max Nameplate Distance
Enable/Disable Glow
Enable/Disable Raw Mouse Input
Enable/Disable Raw Mouse Acceleration
Enable/Disable LUA script error popups.
Enable/Disable hiding class color in chat.
Enable/Disable friendly class colored nameplates.

Version 0.3: Added option for disabling script error popups.

Version 0.4: Added option for disabling hiding class colors in chat.

Version 0.5: Added /ao slash command option for pulling up the advanced options menu easier.

Version 1.0: Added in basic addon framework for generating labels/checkboxes. Cleaned up Lua code. Reduced lines of code in main lua file by a significant amount. Added friendly class colored nameplate. Removed need for variables to reset upon going to a newer version. Fixed some bugs.