AbyssUI Classic

AbyssUI Classic

Client Version: 1.15.1


Patch 1.13.2: World of Warcraft ClassicCheck the retail version of AbyssUI here.Check the comments section for more info (bugs, fixes, news, etc).Consider making a donation.

AbyssUI is a minimalist World of Warcraft interface. It change some parts of the interface to make the Blizzard UI more clean, minimalist and a bit of dark (or any color you want!).You can choose any color you want, or use the presets.Hi, I’m Yugen a brazilian that like to do this as a hobby (I did spend too much time editing textures tho lol, but I’m glad that it turned into a really nice UI). Hope you liked my Interface, if so, share with your friends, make a donation or hit favorite. That mean you really liked my work and want me to continue. Thanks for all the support.This works in the same way for Classic but the action bar is the big one.PS: AbyssUI is lightweight, it will not make your PC/Game slow (file size is due to textures). For comparison, Windows Notepad use about 2MB of RAM, AbyssUI use 300KB (idle) up to 800KB (40+ raids). Also AbyssUI will mostly not conflict with any other AddOn or UI (rare to happen), so you are free to use a lot of modifiers.

Top 5 AddOns that I personally use and recommend using with AbyssUI Classic (I will update links if these addons get a classic version).1- KuiNameplates;2- Dominos Classic; or Bartender4;3- Bagnon; 4- Flash TaskBar;5- Postal.How to Install?1- Extract the compact folder, and you will notice a folder named Interface;2- In WoW folder make a backup of your old Interface folder (e.g rename to Interface.old);3- Then copy the AbyssUI Interface folder to WoW folder, replacing the old Interface folder;4- Is that simple, but make sure to replace all Interface folder and not just AddOn, sometimes I update static art frames for better resolutions.

FAQ– Portrait or textures are not working, or seems glitchy?A: You are probably using a old texture version of AbyssUI, you need to download this version (from wowinterface) and things will be fixed.

– Is there a way to keep the frames like Blizzard default color?A: In the interface folder there is a lot of textures, you can remove them (this will remove every texture that I changed from the original files, so a lot of things maybe lose their beauty). After that, choose the “Silver or Blizzard Default color” in the themes tab.

Please Report any bug.