When soloing in the leveling or farming areas your UI will not be cluttered by useless infos that might obstruct your visual!The chat is gathered all in the bottom left area of your screen, and various tabs have been made for filering in an ordinate and proper manner each game chat πŸ˜€

Power Hour UI

What’s up, my dudes!
This took me about a week to make,
but I’m more than happy to have put in the effort for you guys.
I really hope this helps!

Q: How do you auto-track quests + move quest tracker?
A: Go into your quest log and click the options button on the bottom right of the window. You\’ll see an EQL3 options window to tamper with. All you have to do is check the option “Add New Quests to Tracker” then all your quests will be auto tracked. To move the quest tracker, hold Ctrl + Shift + Click and place it where you feel is best!