TBag TBC Classic

The last bag addon you’ll ever need. Autosorting, viewable anywhere, easy to use yet amazingly configurable.


I’m not an addon developer, but TBag addon is the one of my favorite. So i decided to make some changes:

Object properties IDs’ are used instead of text expressions in order to identify the category of an items.
Thus, the addon will now correctly sort the items in any, not even released WOW expansion.
Also, the addon must correctly sort items in any WOW localization, except for some items, which are not sortable by id.

Creating Categories

Instructions for creating categories:









5. Use the up arrow button to move the new category to the top of the list








12. Adding any item to a category

13. Right click on any item



Auctionator ClassicFix

Simple Auction addon, makes it easier to search, buy, and post auctions.


Buy Tab: Search, Summary for multiple items, Search history, Shopping lists, buy stacks quickly with buy button, sort by item price

Sell Tab: Post multiple auctions, Custom stack size, See item current auctions and history, Undercut settings

Tooltips: Vendor, Auction, Disenchant, Reagents, Stack prices

Scanning: Full scan AH in seconds to save auction history / prices


 We are not the original author, this is modified/fixed/updated to work in Classic.


Titan Panel Classic

NOTE: This version is for The Burning Crusade Classic Beta ONLY.


Titan Panel Classic adds one or two information bars on the top and/or bottom of the screen and allows a framework for extensive plugin support.

Details about the Titan Panel Development Team can be found at the About subpage at their portal site.


  • The ability to have 1 or 2 bars at the top and/or the bottom of your screen.
  • Many builtin plugins that provide a great core set of features.
  • Easy to use menus and options to change features on the fly.
  • Fully supported plugin system. All plugins on the bar are plug-n-play.
  • Ability to utilize Data Broker plugins.

Bug Reports

Direct all issues and feature requests to the SourceForge Titan Panel Classic Development Team page.


The Titan Panel change history is available at the Titan Panel Portal site.  You may also find the most recent release notes on our SourceForge Titan Panel Classic Version History wiki page.

Special Instructions

  1. Please read the included TitanPanelSetup-READ_ME_FIRST.txt file for any special instructions needed to use this version of Titan Panel.

Problem Escalation

  1. Please check the Titan Panel Portal for a list of any recent issues. These will appear on the main page.
  2. If you are still having issues, please follow the instructions under ”Bug Reports” above.


          TitanClassicAutoHide & TitanClassicAuxAutoHide
          TitanPanelClassic & supporting modules


The codebase for Titan Panel Classic was transferred from the original Titan Panel code.  A few very dedicated people have maintained Titan Panel over the years. They are in order of chronological responsibility: TitanMod, Dark Imakuni and Adsertor.



DBM-SpellTimers is a small addon that uses DBM timers to show spell cooldowns from raid members. It is fully configurable through a simple GUI so you can easily add new spells.

This is NOT to be confused with boss ability cooldowns. Those are built into Deadly Boss Mods and do not require this plugin. Only install this plugin if you want to track PLAYER cooldowns.

This addon REQUIRES DeadlyBossMods installed in latest version.



Restores cooldown swipe timers on –>DEFAULT<— Target Frame and Blizzard Raid Frames.

For Numeric Display install OmniCC

Powered by LibClassicDurations



Why enemy buffs tooltips are wrong?

Actually there shouldn’t be any tooltips at all, the only thing addons know about enemy buffs is their name, from that they can guess spell icon and that’s it. But due to a completely separate bug in classic the actual tooltips still show up, but they’re in a different order

Why PWF, Arcane Intellect and other long buffs are not visible anymore?

With the combat log range reduction (the Spy hotfix) also came a change that upon entering combat log range you no longer get any info on existing enemy auras. So from now on the only visible enemy buffs are the ones that were applied inside combat log range


AddOnSkins is a template based addon designed to Skin / Template other AddOn’s into a singular theme.



Clique is also available for Wow Classic and Wow TBC Classic, just download the appropriate version.


Clique is a simple addon that enables powerful click-casting and hover-casting on your unit frames and in the 3D game world. You can bind virtually any mouse or keyboard combination to a spell or macro. In it’s normal configuration this enables you to use the bindings over your unit frames in order to cast spells directly on that unit. This allows you to more quickly select both the spell to cast, and the target of the spell without requiring an extra click.

Bugs and Support (PLEASE READ)

Unfortunately I have been forced to disable user comments on For some absurd reason the site has stopped sending me emails when you guys post a new comment, making me completely unable to provide support via this means. I am still happy to provide assistance, both on Curseforge and Wowinterface:

To begin with Clique, open your spellbook and click on the new tab that is shown there. You can also open the configuration GUI by running the /clique slash command. From this binding interface you can add, remove and alter any of your Clique bindings. You will be unable to make these changes when you are in combat due to limitations in the Blizzard API.

Binding a spell

Binding a spell is just a matter of finding the spell in your spellbook, putting your mouse over it, and performing the binding you would like to add. For example, if you’d like to set ‘Regrowth’ to activate on ‘Shift-LeftButton’, then you just find that spell in your spellbook and then Shift-LeftClick on it. You can also bind keyboard combinations, so you could do the same with Shift-R if you’d like.

Keep in mind when you are setting your bindings that they will override any bindings that are already set on the frame, for example the default bindings to ‘Target unit’ and ‘Show unit menu’. You can override these bindings if you would like, but you should then set a new different combination that will activate the original functions

Binding the ‘Target unit’ or ‘Show unit menu’ actions

If you’ve rebound or lose these default bindings, you can re-bind them using the ‘Bind other’ button in the Clique configuration. Click on the button, and choose the correct action and you will be presented with a dialog box that allows you to set the binding for that action. Simply choose a new key combination, and you will be able to target units and open your menu again.

Binding a macro

Binding a macro can also be found on the ‘Bind other’ button. You’ll be given a new window with instructions and suggestions about writing your macros, but other than that the process should seem very similar.

Managing click-sets

Each binding can belong to a number of binding-sets. These sets determine when the binding is active. The built-in binding-sets are as follows:

  • default – This set is always active on registered unit frames, unless overridden by another binding-set.
  • ooc – This set is only active when you are out of combat. Once you begin fighting, these bindings will no longer be active.
  • friend – This set is only active when you are activating a binding on a friendly unit, i.e. one you can assist.
  • enemy – This set is only active when you are activating a binding on an enemy unit, i.e. one you can attack.
  • hovercast – These bindings will be available whenever you are over a unit frame, or a unit in the 3D world.
  • global – These bindings will be always available. They do not specify a target for the action, so if the action requires a target, you must specify it after performing the binding.

Clique and dual talent specs
In addition Clique allows you to set up different profiles, and can automatically switch between them when your character changes talent groups. In order to set this up, click the ‘Options’ button, or navigate to the Clique options section of the Interface Options menu. Here you can create new profiles and change your options to activate different profiles depending on talent spec.

Bug reports:
If you are going to submit a bug report, please include the following information:

  1. What version of Clique you are using (/dump Clique.version)
  2. What unit frames you are using
  3. What specific bindings are not working



Some folks have asked for how they can donate money, and for many years I’ve enjoyed hearing about how my addons have helped other people enjoy World of Warcraft. If you would like to donate, I’d ask you to make a donation to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a worthy organisation that helped my sister immensely from her diagnosis through her final years. If you or a family member suspect you might have something not right in your butt, please have a doctor check it out. Colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable cancers in the world.



Mapster is a very simple world map enhacement addon, which was designed to work in conjunction with all other map addons out there. The idea to create Mapster originated from pure lack of a simplistic addon that only modifies the world map, without adding a full scale feature set.


  • Map Style (Scale & Alpha)
  • Coordinates
  • Fog of War removal
  • Enhancement of the raid/party group icons

You can access the Mapster configuration menu through the new button on the world map, as shown in the screenshot. All features (except the style) can be turned off individually if you do not need/want them.

If you’re looking for a replacement to Cartographer, i also recommend the following addons:

Note for WoW 8.0/Battle for Azeroth:

Mapster had to be practically rebuild from scratch for WoW 8.0. More functionality will be returning in the future.



Class Resource Tracker

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  • Rogue: Combo Points, Shadow Dance
  • Druid: Combo Points
  • Warlock: Soul Shards
  • Deathknights: Runes
  • Demon hunters: Soul Fragments
  • Paladin: Holy Power, SotR charges
  • Monk: Chi, Brew charges
  • Mage: Arcane Charges, Icicles, Fireblast


  • Only Combo Points

Console command: /ncb gui


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