Warlock Reminder

Warlock Reminder

Client Version: 4.3.4


Reminds you of missing warlock buffs and procs, and shows your cooldowns. Included are combat reminders, such as Drain Soul sub 20% or Molten Core. WarlockReminder creates 4 frames to track your buffs, combat procs, cooldowns and custom buffs.

WarlockReminder reminds you of important Warlock Buffs.

  • Dark Intent
  • Demonic Rebirth
  • Pet
  • Soul Link
  • Grimoire of Sacrifice
  • Flask or Elixir (above 98% & bosslevel)
  • Well fed (above 98% & bosslevel)

Dark Intent:
Scans your party for missing 10% Spellpower buffs, Dark Intent, Arcane Brilliance, Still Water (Hunter pet) or Burning Wrath.

Combat reminder:

  • Drain Soul
  • Molten Core
  • Nightfall
  • Shadowburn
  • Soul Shards, Demonic Fury and Burning Ember tracker

Cooldown reminder:
Tracks all of your Warlock specific cooldowns.

Custom reminder
Add your own Buffs to be reminded of, this is useful for Set-Bonuses and personal likings.
Use the spell-id to enter a new buff. You get the spell-id by searching for it on www.wowhead.com.

To open the config menu type “/wlr config” or “/warlockreminder config” or open your Interface Options/Addon menu