Tool Tip Tabs

Tool Tip Tabs

Client Version: 4.3.4


ToolTipTabs allows you to open many different chat links at any one time. Each time you open a new link it is added to the tooltip and receives it’s own tab on the left hand side. You can switch between these with left mouse button. Not only does it allow multiple tabs to be open, but also multiple tooltips. So, you can have 2 tooltips open, maybe one with 3 tabs and the other with 6.


  • Up to 20 tabs per tooltip
  • A maximum of 5 seperate tooltips (that’s a total of 100 chat links open at once!)
  • Both tab and tooltip limits are configurable
  • Vertical and Horizontal offsets, so you can move the tabs away from the tooltip if desired
  • Vertical and Horizontal spacing between tabs
  • Configurable tab scale
  • A button to close the current tab (right) and another to close all tabs across all tooltips (left)
  • Use the original tooltip button to hide it, when you reopen the tooltip the tabs will still be there

For users with ButtonFacade

  • Support for ButtonFacade skins
  • Highly configurable coloured tab borders, choosing between
  • A global colour for all tabs (set within ButtonFacade itself)
  • A link type specific colour
  • And for some link types, a specific preset (item qualities, quest difficulties, achievement completion)

Slash command: /ttt show to reopen all tooltips