Titan Panel [Gathered]

Titan Panel [Gathered]

Client Version: 4.3.4


This simple WoW addon track all useful tradeitems and materials in your bag and show result in Titan Bar. Over right click is posssible choice which categorys you want to see in main tooltip result and which each materials be track and visible as titan title.

This addon is full configurable then also you can setup if you want to see zero materials, disable/enable to see each category in tooltip, enable see count of all materials stored in bank etc.

I did it for my self, because I don’t want always search some profession materials in full junked bag.
This addon is on the begining, so I have some other good ideas make it better, implemet other skils and materials, may be track all types of mining stones,cloth, silk etc…

Possible slash commands:

  • /to OR /tohelp– will show right version in system log
  • /mh OR /mathistory – can show all trackable titan ore materials statistic such total counts list.
  • /tob OR /tobank – you can see all stored data in bank printed to default log.