Client Version: 4.3.4


Tools and tweaks to make the lives of players seeking Achievements a little bit easier.Most features listed here are optional. Options can be found using the /oa command or at Interface Options -> AddOns tab -> Overachiever.General:

  • Slash commands to search for achievements by name.* (Also see the “Search tab” feature.)
  • Ctrl+click on an achievement link to open the GUI to that achievement. Ctrl+click again to track it.
  • Automatically track timed achievements when the timer starts.

Achievement Tooltip Enhancements:

  • Add information from progress bars and normally-hidden progress information. (For example, “Progress: 5/10” or “Assault 2 bases (0/2).”)
  • Compare progress using chat links: Display your progress below that of the player who linked the achievement.
  • Optionally add the achievement’s ID to its tooltip. (Convenient for addon authors.)

GUI Enhancements:

  • Draggable Frames: The achievement frame is draggable.
  • Search tab added to the UI to search for achievements by name, description, reward, and more.
  • Suggestions tab added to the UI that suggests achievements based on your current situation: Location, recent tooltip reminders from this addon, etc.

Cooking Trade Skill UI:

  • Display icons next to recipes you need to cook for “The Northrend Gourmet” and “The Outland Gourmet.” Ctrl+click on one of these recipes to open the UI to the achievement that requires it.
  • Works with the default UI, Advanced Trade Skill Window, Skillet, and lilsparky’s branch of Skillet. (Users of lilsparky’s branch must Alt+click instead of Ctrl+click to open to the achievement.)

Objectives Frame (Achievement Tracker):

  • Display a tooltip when hovering over an achievement title to see more details about it.
  • Shift+click an achievement title to add that achievement’s link to chat.

Display a tooltip when the cursor is over certain achievements in the GUI:

  • ”Part of a series”: Give the names of other achievements in the series and its relation to them.
  • ”Required by”: Give the names of any meta-achievements that list this achievement as a criteria.

Meta-criteria (achievements displayed as the criteria for obtaining a larger achievement) in the GUI use a detailed achievement tooltip instead of simply giving the date the criteria was completed (or nothing if it isn’t complete).Achievement-specific Options:World Explorer: Automatically track exploration achievements as you travel.Tooltip Reminders: Add information to units’, items’, and/or world objects’ tooltips to help you complete…“To All The Squirrels I’ve Loved Before”, “To All The Squirrels Who Shared My Life”: Do I need to /love this critter?“Pest Control”: Have I exterminated this critter?“Well Read”, “Higher Learning”: Have I read this book?“The Scavenger,” “Outland Angler,” “Northrend Angler”: Have I fished this type of node?“It’s Happy Hour Somewhere”, “Tastes Like Chicken”: Have I consumed this food or drink?“Northern Exposure”, “Medium Rare”, and many others: Do I need to kill this creature? (Includes many dungeon and raid-based achievements.)Holiday Achievements:“Let It Snow”: Do I need to use a Handful of Snowflakes on this player?“Fistful of Love”: Do I need to use a Handful of Rose Petals on this player?“Shake Your Bunny-Maker”: Do I need to use Spring Flowers on this player?Sound Reminder: Choose a sound to play when one of the above tooltip reminders shows up if you need to do something.* See the included readme.txt file for more details. See instructions below. This is part of a modular component that can be enabled/disabled individually. See “Disabling Modules,” below.Key BindingsYou can associate key bindings with each of the new tabs added to the Achievement frame using the standard key binding interface. The new bindings are located under the heading “Overachiever.”By default, the main achievement frame can be moved but it is still subject to some standard frame handling that will reposition it when it is opened or certain other frames are displayed. To unattach the frame from this position handling and have Overachiever remember where the frame is from session to session, check the “Remember position” option under the “Main Achievement UI frame” option. Once in the position you desire, you may want to uncheck the “Main Achievement UI frame” option so you don’t accidentally move it elsewhere.Disabling ModulesSome of Overachiever’s features are implemented using modules, namely ”Overachiever_Tabs” and ”Overachiever_Trade”. Modules have their own folders that should be placed inside the InterfaceAddOns folder alongside Overachiever. They can be enabled or disabled as you would a separate addon. Additionally, the individual Search and Suggestions components of the Tabs module can be disabled by deleting or renaming Search.lua or Suggestions.lua.