Client Version: 4.3.4


oUF layout with many PvE-oriented features and a few options.

Features include aura filtering, dispel highlighting, threat highlighting, incoming heal bars, display of all secondary resources, totem timers, cast bars for player/pet/target, incoming resurrection text, combat feedback text, and AFK timers. Mouse over the frames for more detailed health and power text. Hold Shift out of combat to temporarily disable aura filtering and see all buffs. Some elements auto-adjust based on role (healer, tank, damage).

Type /pouf for options, or browse to the oUF Phanx panel in the standard Interface Options window.

Supported units: player, pet, target, target’s target, focus, focus’s target, party, party pets, arena enemies, and bosses. Raid frames will not be added; use Grid or another raid frame addon of your choice.