Client Version: 4.3.4


Natur Enemy Castbar is based on a very old excellent PvP/PvE addon originally created by Naturfreund and later taken over by me. This was a complete rewrite and doesn’t use any original code.

The following have been implemented:

  • Show a targets Beneficial buffs and debuffs with the option to ignore certain spells or abilities.
  • Target & Focus – Bar display can be switched to your target/focus only, or you can show all player casts around you. In target/focus mode the bars show a T or an F on the right showing you where the cast is from.
  • Movable Groups – Groups can be grouped as one or split up.
  • Shows your targets cooldowns, beneficial buffs and much more!
  • Killing Blow Sounds – Plays a Unreal sound when you get a killing blow on another player – both male and female sounds are provided. This option can be turned off or played during questing normal mobs.
  • Play a fun DeathKnight sound!
  • Bar Customization – Edit the bar height, width, texture, direction and bar max.
  • Rogue warning – Natur detects Stealth, Vanish etc and warns you that a hostile rogue is near by a UI border flash and UI text warning.
  • Diminish Returns Timers – also plays warning when your target is immune or resists your abilities. Support is also provided to show others DR timers.
  • Correctly shows duration of a cast which your target already started!

For the purpose of the Ability/Spell ignore feature, the following english client abilities and spells are ignored by default:

  • power word: fortitude
  • prayer of fortitude
  • prayer of spirit
  • divine spirit
  • prayer of shadow protection
  • shadow protection
  • inner fire
  • mark of the wild
  • gift of the wild
  • thorns
  • seal of righteousness
  • blessing of might
  • greater blessing of might
  • blessing of sanctuary
  • greater blessing of sanctuary
  • blessing of kings
  • greater blessing of kings
  • arcane intellect
  • well fed
  • pirate costume


  • For in game options please type /natur
  • Other quick commands are /natur anchor which toggles the group titles.

A list of the available options are below:

  • Split Timer Groups
    • Default is ON : This option tells Natur to show your target/focus debuffs (Dots etc) and their durations. This group is also used by the option “Show Buffs/Debuffs on me” and will therefore not switch off the group anchor if one of the two options is turned on.


  • Show Friendly Casts
  • Show Hostile Casts
    • Default is ON : This shows what your target/focus is casting (unless you have Show Casts Without T/F on), if the target is friendly then it will be sent to the correct group unless you have Split Timer Groups turned off. However, bars show a red/green T/F icon indicating if its a target or focus and if its friendly or hostile.


  • Show T/F Debuffs
    • Default is ON : This option tells Natur to show your target/focus debuffs (Dots etc) and their durations. This group is also used by the option “Show Buffs/Debuffs on me” and will therefore not switch off the group anchor if one of the two options is turned on.


  • Show T/F Gains
    • Default is ON : As with the “Show T/F Debuffs”, this options shows beneficial buffs on your target or focus. The same applies regarding the “Show Buffs/Debuffs on me” options where the group will still show when either of these options are turned on.


  • Show Target Cooldowns
    • Default is ON : Natur attempts to calculate the targets cooldowns but will only function correctly if your target used his spell or ability in range of your combat log.


  • Show Diminish Returns
    • Default is ON : Displays a 18 second timer when spells which have a diminish return restriction enforced by Blizzard. Show Others DR’s : Default is OFF : Displays others DR’s around you, this can be quite spammy at the moment in battlegrounds such as Wintergrasp. I will be changing this to a target/focus like the rest of the addon at a later date.


  • Show Buffs/Debuffs on me
    • Default is OFF : Any buffs/debuffs applied to me such as renew, corruption etc will show with this option.


  • Show everyones buffs/debuffs on target and not just mine
    • Default ON : With this option on you will see all buffs/debuffs on your target or focus. When OFF, only timers are shown for spells you applied to your target or focus.


  • Show Casts without T/F
    • Default is OFF : Shows all casts (both friendly/hostile) around you. Nice and spammy in a city


  • Announce Applied Crowd Controls
    • Default is ON : Sends a message to chat that you have applied a crowd control spell to your target. Announce
    • When It Breaks : Default is ON : Sends a message to chat when your target breaks from its crowd control spell.
    • Play Sound : Default ON : Play a warning sound when your target breaks.
    • Flash GUI : Default ON : Flashes the border of your screen red when your target breaks.


  • Announce Crowd Control Immune
    • Default is ON : Announces to chat when a attempt to crowd control fails, i.e. when diminish returns kick in or in a raid when a mob is immune.
      • Play Sound
      • Flash GUI


  • Display Rogue Warning
    • Default is ON : As it says on the box, displays a rogue warning if a spell is detected nearby by a hostile rogue.
      • Play Sound
      • Flash GUI


  • Auto Reputation Bar
    • Default is ON : Switches your reputation bar to the faction you just received reputation from. Handy when rep grinding in battlegrounds or with factions.


  • Play fun sound when using Deathknight Deathgrip
    • Default is ON : Plays a fun “Get over here” or “come here” when you use Deathgrip.


  • Play PvP Death Sounds
    • Default is ON : Plays a fun Unreal sound when you get a killing blow on a player (or NPC) if the below option is set.
      • Include NPC’s


  • Spell fade monitoring
    • Default is ON : Turns on spell monitoring which will notify you if a spell has expired or has been dispelled. Note that you must also include the spell name to monitor for this feature to work correctly.

Please understand that this was a complete rewrite and not all features are implemented in this version until further testing. With that in mind there will be a lot of incoming updates so please keep checking back. If there is something not working right, or you have a suggestion please post it so that it can be fixed.