LFR Advanced

LFR Advanced

Client Version: 4.3.4


Addon Features:

Dropdown menu with all available activities for easier and faster filtering. All activities are grouped by type and expansion (when applicable). You can also change current search category using dropdown menu without going back.

  • Ability to copy leader and applicant character names (useful for checking theirs armory profile)
  • Second search box provides advanced filtering using following syntax:
    • +word – include word (example: +hell)
    • -word – exclude word (example: -foundry)
    • ?word – possible word (example: ?tank ?heal)
    • word filters can be combined (example: +blast -normal)
    • inumber – required item level filter (example: i680), doesn’t work with word filters


  • Extended tooltip for premades displaying classes and their roles of those currently in raid
  • Proper premade sorting (by creation time instead of internal ID)