Grim UI

Grim UI

Client Version: 4.3.4


This is a full replacement for the default Blizzard user interface(UI). The general idea came from a UI known as MazzleUI. The GrimUI core itself controls your unit frames, artwork, some action buttons and a whole lot more! Best of all, it does this with out you spending hours on placing frames. It looks and functions much like MazzleUI did, it is also similar to nUI if you are familiar with that. GrimUI out of the box should require no setup itself. Macaroon handles the main action buttons and is included. GrimUI will setup a default Macaroon layout. Check out GrimUI on Facebook GrimUI Fan Page

How do I use it?
First you must download this file. Then back up your current Interface and WTF folders in your World of Warcraft directory, in case you decide to revert back. It is best to delete your current WTF and any AddOns in the AddOn folder however GrimUI should install and function with other AddOn’s just fine. Place the the files in the zip file you downloaded into the Interface/AddOns folder.

When you first enter the game on a fresh install the chat frames may appear funny, or its possible sometimes for errors to pop on fresh installs if your say under attack when you log in or in a party or raid. If your chat frames or other frames are out of place Right-Click the GrimUI button on the right side of the screen to access the various reset buttons in the GrimUI options panel. The options panel can also be accessed through the normal Blizzard AddOn Options.

GrimUI should now be setup! Other AddOns that are included with the GrimUI for your convenience may require additional setup.

Will it work for me? 
This UI was designed on a wide screen in a 1920 x 1200 resolution. It was also designed to self adjust for any resolution. I have tested it at other resolutions and they seem to work fine. If you have any problems please post them in the bug section.

PartyFrames are now movable as well as most other frames!!!! Ctrl-LeftClick just above your name or a party members name to grab a hold of the frame and move it. To reset the frames click the rest button in the GrimUI options panel.

AddOn’s Included

  • Macaroon – Macro based action bar replacement.
  • Clique – Advanced click functions including spell binding. All GrimUI unit frames are registered with Clique.
  • Baggins – Inventory AddOn with sorting ability’s.

AddOn’s Recommended
What I use, feel free to use anything you like!

  • AdvancedTradeSkillWindow – Makes the crafting window a whole lot better.
  • AutoBar – Best for handling consumables.
  • Capping – PVP timers of all sorts! Other features as well, primarily PVP.
  • DeadlyBossMods – Raid information!
  • ElkBuffBars – Customizable player buff/debuff frames.
  • GupPet – Random mount and pet button, also includes CollectEmAll.
  • JebusMail – Mailbox enhancements.
  • ikScrollingBattleText – Awesome scrolling combat text.
  • Omen – Threat meter.
  • Recount – Does a lot of stuff, damage meter!
  • SmartBuff – Buff reminders and other buff options.
  • XLoot – Improved loot frame.
  • XLootGroup – Improved roll frames.