Client Version: 4.3.4


Cursor adds detailed, customizable cursor trails to your UI. *If you’ve ever lost track of your mouse in a hectic battle, or if you’re looking to put the finishing touches on your stylized UI, look no further. *_Cursor uses World of Warcraft’s built-in spell effects to offer a variety of preset cursor looks while leaving your system’s resources free for more important things.

The Cursor
Each character’s cursor can be customized to match that character’s style. They can have multiple layers, so you can mix and match different styles. *Each layer can show one of many preselected effects, or you can choose your own “Custom” model effect from the game’s files. *In addition, you can scale, rotate, and move layers around to stack them up in unique ways.

Saved Sets
A “Set” is a pre-packaged cursor, like a template that you can save and load between characters. *_Cursor comes with a few default sets, such as the <kbd>“Energy Beam”</kbd> default, pictured below. *But if a lightning cursor doesn’t fit with your character, feel free to save your old set and create something more fitting from scratch.

_Cursor’s extensive configuration is available in the Interface Options window, or simply with the <kbd>“/cursor”</kbd> slash command.

Save, load, and delete cursors for your other characters to use. *Select your saved sets from the dropdown menu, or type a name in directly.

Lets you preview and edit each layer of your active cursor. *Every layer has a tab associated with it, and they can be toggled on or off using the Model Enabled checkbox.

Preset Type
The category of preset effects, such as <kbd>“Particle Trail”</kbd> or <kbd>“Glow”</kbd>. *With a category selected, see the Preset Name dropdown box below to browse effects in that category. *The <kbd>“Custom”</kbd> category allows you to specify any model file’s path within the game.

Preset Name
This dropdown lists all preset effects in the chosen Preset Type. *Select one to preview and use it for the active layer.

File Path
Shows the location of the current effect model. *When the <kbd>“Custom”</kbd> Preset Type is selected, you may edit this path freely. *However, you must leave out the file extension.
The checkered box on the right side previews the layer behind a dummy cursor. *The preview is animated, and can be sped up or stopped by clicking on it. *The self-explanatory slider bars to the left and below the preview move the cursor up/down and left/right in relation to the cursor, respectively.

The Scale slider controls how large the effect should be drawn, ranging from half-size to four times normal size. *Lastly, the Facing slider controls the direction that the model looks, where moving the slider from one end to the other will rotate it completely.