Atlas Major Cities Enhanced

Atlas Major Cities Enhanced

Client Version: 4.3.4


This addon extends the functionality of the addon Atlas, to browse the major city maps with all important non-playing characters (NPCs). It also include an advanced search function.Some more functions:

  • it uses the in-game city maps (the image folder of the addon include only dummy images, because Atlas require it)
  • it overlay labels to the map, using an in-game font (should scale with the used resolution)
  • it shows the list of NPCs at a tooltip if the mouse move over a label at the map
  • it uses an icon for letter boxes
  • new search function, which shows the results also at the map
  • the map display shows the player position and facing direction with an arrow like the world map
  • if the AMCE pull-down menu entry in Atlas is clicked, the actual city map is shown
  • the data base is managed by AMCE itself, to save memory (Atlas serves only as viewer)

Relation to AtlasMajorCities: This addon is meant as replacement of AtlasMajorCities. The many changes at the city maps with WoW Cataclysm let me to rewrite the addon AtlasMajorCities, mainly to implement tools for a fast and easy scan of the cities.