Client Version: 4.3.4


Assassin is an addon for rogues that simplifies gameplay and maximizes DPS by doing all the decision making for you.
Unlike some other addons, Assassin uses an advanced priority list developed by the people over at the SimulationCraft project and improved by myself for ease of use in actual gameplay.
It will calculate which ability would give you the highest DPS during the current combat situation.

The addon is comprised of three icons, left to right they are:
The Previously Used Ability icon – Displays the last correct ability you used (to show you that you actually used it before the icon changed, can be disabled)
The Best Choice Ability icon – Displays the best ability to use for maximum DPS during the current combat situation
The Cooldown Ability icon – Displays when you should use an ability that is off the global cooldown or has a long cooldown (can be disabled)

Other features of Assassin includes:
Glowing Ability Buttons – Your ability buttons glow when they become the best choice ability
Multi-Target Modes – Use keybindings or clicks to switch between single target and 2, 3, 4, or 5+ target modes
Know When You Miss – A red border will appear on the previously used icon when your attack misses or gets parried or dodged
Moveable, Lockable, and Scalable – Each icon can separately be moved to wherever you like on the screen, then locked or scaled to any size
Resource Bars AddOn – No dependencies! Must be enabled within the AddOns menu on the character selection screen

Slash command for Assassin user configurable options: /assassin

Basic Resources is an included optional addon that displays vital information such as your energy, combo points, anticipation, and global cooldown in a simple and elegant fashion.
It also works on other classes and has additional useful or annoying features.

Slash command for Basic Resources user configurable options: /bres and /cres

Where is it? I don’t see it!

How do I bind keys to change the amount of enemies?

Can I hide for a specific spec?

Is there a way to turn the rotation helper off? I only want the energy/combo points/anticipation/gcd bars.

Can I get this addon for other classes?

  • Look up Claw if you play a druid, Smash if you play a warrior.