Add Emote

Add Emote

Client Version: 4.3.4


Ever wished World of Warcraft had more emotes? Or wanted to create your own emotes that you could use like the regular ones? Well, now you can! AddEmote lets you easily create new /command emotes for all your characters.

Here’s how you’d do it:

  • /addemote chinrub rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Having done that, you can then do:

  • /chinrub

and your character (we’ll call him Alistair) would emote:

  • Alistair rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Wait… you say not all your characters are male? That’s okay, we can handle that. AddEmote includes ChatSubs, which lets you use “substitution strings” that will automatically be changed depending on your character (or your target, but we’ll get to that). So, let’s make that:
/addemote chinrub rubs <hisher> chin thoughtfully.

The <hisher> will become either “his” or “her“, depending on whether the character you’re playing is male or female.

You can also give alternatives, separating them with vertical bars (|). If an alternative uses units that aren’t available, it will be ignored. So, you could do:

  • /addemote petcheck checks <pet> for injuries.|wonders where <hisher> pet went.

If your combat pet is out, you’ll get the fir
Lastly, you can use <text>, and any text you type after the /command will be inserted in its place. For example:

  • /addemote pe ‘s <pettype> <pet> <text>
  • /pe looks hungrily at Joe.

Talnar’s wolf Red looks hungrily at Joe.